Call Name: Charlie
Registered Name: Charles Atlas
Berner-Garde: #WS50993001
Weight: 120 lbs.

Stud Service Available

Charlie is our happy-go-lucky teddy bear who is large in size, but sensitive in nature. He has a beautiful muscular build, but is so graceful and light on his feet that he would never dare step on you.

2 years ago, Charlie became a new daddy! Initially, it was quite confusing when 8 little munchkins suddenly took over the house and our attention. But Charlie acclimated to fatherhood quickly! Once the puppies were able to open their eyes and move around, Charlie would nuzzle and play with his puppies oh so gently and sweetly.

Just like most dogs, Charlie is a FIEND for treats which makes him easily trainable. Charlie’s specialtiy tricks include: “little bear,” “what do you say?” or “Como se dice?” (he is bilingual lol), “spin,” and “through!”

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We decided to keep two puppies from our litter: Bernie & Hansel. Since then, life has changed quite a bit for Charlie since he’s no longer an “only child.” However, we think fatherhood suits him well! The puppies keep him young and have made him an even more loving and affectionate boy (jealousy can have its benefits too)! As time has passed and the puppies have grown (especially Hansel!), Charlie can sometimes come off as a bit of a grump. Occassionaly, he will put the boys in their place, as most parents can relate. How else can you teach riley teenage boys respect?!

Like most parents, Charlie has a favorite (we know you won’t admit it but it’s true)! You will find him and Bernie (his daughter) canoodling in our bed in the mornings, playing tug-o-war, or horse-playing at any point of the day.