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Best Whole Foods for Dogs with Allergies

Allergies have become an increasingly common problem among dogs, especially in breeds that are more allergy-prone, like Bernese Mountain Dogs. Your dog’s diet could be the problem or the solution.  Commercial dog food diets can exacerbate allergies. The process of manufacturing kibble requires food to be superheated to such high temperatures that the natural flora, enzyme, phytonutrient, vitamin and mineral content is destroyed. That is why you see that long list… Read More »Best Whole Foods for Dogs with Allergies
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How to Feed your Dog a Raw Diet on a Kibble Budget

Raw diets are becoming more and more popular with dog owners, and for good reason. Many of the common diseases of humans and animals alike are directly linked to diet. The problem with dry kibble is that no matter how premium the product is, all kibble is processed under extremely high temperatures that destroy vitamins, enzymes, essential amino acids and beneficial bacteria. Kibble is also high in carbohydrates which are not biologically… Read More »How to Feed your Dog a Raw Diet on a Kibble Budget
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Best Head Halter for Large Breed Dogs: A Real Review of No-Pull Dog Collars

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A walk with your dog can be such an enjoyable experience when you are in control and your dog is comfortable. However, with some dogs and especially large breeds, a simple walk can be stressful, exasperating and even embarrassing without the right tools or training. Best Dog Head Halters at a glance: Kurgo Snout About The Canny Company Canny Collar Sporn Dog Head Halter We participate in the Amazon Services… Read More »Best Head Halter for Large Breed Dogs: A Real Review of No-Pull Dog Collars

Bernie’s Commercial!

Last year, our pack was hired for a Proheart marketing campaign and they cast Bernie for their “hero” dog role. Check out all the photos below live on the Proheart website! Funny story about the image below. Bernie was a perfect little actress in every way, except for one thing… she couldn’t keep her mouth shut (literally)! Either from the humidity or excitement, she just wouldn’t do it. But the… Read More »Bernie’s Commercial!
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Our Raw Diet

Our Diet at a Glance 2-3 pounds chicken quarters (per dog) 1 pound of chicken breast (or pork or beef) 5 oz frozen slice of liver/organ Some ground green tripe once a week Fruit/veggie/supplement bites Fish oil capsules Little bits of whatever they are lucky enough to get from us! We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites… Read More »Our Raw Diet


Bernese mountain dogs are gentle, majestic and intelligent, but sadly they get the short end of the stick when it comes to longevity. To ensure that our dogs have the best chance of living their lives to their fullest potential, we supplement their diet with homemade uber-treats that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We created these treats to feed our dogs the appropriate amount of fruits and veggies… Read More »übertreats